The home of Progranimate

Progranimate is an free learning tool, brought to you by Dr Andrew Scott Assistant Professor of the University of Western Carolina.

What is Progranimate?

Progranimate is an interactive flowchart based visual problem-solving tool and code generator.

It is aimed at teaching the basics of programming and strengthening the often weak problem solving and code reading skills of novice programmers. This is in relation to the imperative (non object oriented) concepts of variables, sequence selection, iteration and arrays.

Progranimate uses a visual metaphor (the flowchart) to visualise the programming and execution process. This aims to foster effective and accurate models of programming concepts, algorithms and execution.

For more information see the section entitled About Progranimate.

About This Website

This website provides web based access to the Progranimate tool via Java Webstart.

Also provided on this site a range of contextual and fun programming problems that cover the imperative programming concepts of variables, assignment, input, output, decisions, looping and arrays.

To attempt the programming problems click on the programming problems options of the navigation menu. If you are new to Prograniming we suggest you try the sequence problems first.

To use Progranimate you will need to have installed the Java Runtime Environment on your computer. If you do not have this links are provided on this site.